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Unleash Your Personal Magnetism - Module 1

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What is personal magnetism? We all have seen those individuals who are so influential that they capture the attention of the entire room. Anyone can develop personal magnetism if they know how to. Some people have it in them, while some have to learn how to develop it.

Some individuals are so charismatic that their entire being glows with inner power. Their voice booms with strength, their eyes shine like the sun and their presence enthralls everyone in the room. This is the power of a magnetic individual.

You may have heard of a known concept called the aura. The aura is a bio-electric field. This field may be super charged using various practices which causes this field to become highly resonant and magnetic. Some individuals are naturally magnetic and exhibit this auric quality unconsciously, while most people must learn to develop this magnetism.

A magnetic individual is like the sun, a powerful emitter of radiant energy which naturally allows the planets to orbit and be energised by this brilliant energy. In the same way the magnetic individual will draw towards them people who become attracted to their energetic field.

Some of the most magnetic individuals include many celebrities, freedom fighters, presidents, CEOs and spiritual leaders. Individuals who are renowned for their charisma. The magnetic individual is a powerful influence in every conversation, in every room and in every situation. It is those who have developed personal magnetism that draws towards them followers, disciples and students who wish to learn their ways.

This is not magic. This is science. All one must do is learn to super charge the living battery that each individual is. We are all emitters of energy.

This course is the first module of a multiple part series on Mastering Personal Magnetism. In this module you will learn how anyone can supercharge their aura and increase their personal magnetism and become a very influential, charismatic and powerful human being.

In this course you will learn:-

  1. What is personal Magnetism?
  • Introducing personal magnetism
  • Sources of personal magnetism
  • Leakages of magnetism
  1. The Quantum Universe and Magnetism
  • “All-pervading” life energy
  • Frequency & Vibration 
  • Intention, Attention & Breath
  1. Cultivating Personal Magnetism
  • Internal practices 
    • Gaining Sensitivity - Presence
    • Tension Energy
  • External Practices
    • Projecting your awareness outwards
    • Auric Control 
  1. The Magnetic State
  • Moving with personal magnetism
  • Projecting your personal magnetism

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Unleash Your Personal Magnetism - Audio Course - Module 1

100 Minutes
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Unleash Your Personal Magnetism - Module 1

5 ratings
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